A Call to the Greek Businesses to Participate in the Reconstruction of Iraq

On the occasion of convening the 3rd Annual Iraqi-European Business & Investment Forum on July 11-12 in Athens, and in its continuous efforts to enhance the business relations between Greece and Iraq on all levels, the Arab Hellenic Chamber is calling upon the Greek businesses interested in taking advantage of the process of the reconstruction of Iraq, to express their interest in transfer of their technology and know-how, and in joining in partnerships with their Iraqi counterparts.

This initiative represents an excellent opportunity for the Greek and European businesses that are interested in the Iraqi market at times when the reconstruction of Iraq is gaining momentum worldwide, as modernization and building of the infrastructure of the country will demand the expertise of all the business sectors.

It is worth mentioning that the new Iraqi investment laws provide all the necessary prerequisites for foreign companies to successfully and freely operate in this country, thus making it one of the attractive business hub in the Middle East.

Upon receiving your company’s details, the Arab Hellenic Chamber, in coordination with its two main partners, Baghdad Chamber of Commerce and Erbil Chamber of Commerce, will ensure that your company’s data are received by the members of all Iraqi Chambers, so that the negotiation process can be initiated and, hopefully, positive conclusions could be reached prior to the convening of the above Forum in July 2018.

The form to be filled in can be found HERE.

Kindly note that the deadline for submission of your company’s information is April 27th, 2018

For further information, please contact the Arab Hellenic Chamber.